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Medical Entrance
We prepare them with rigour today. So they can save lives tomorrow.
At Knowledge Vista, we have crafted courses for competitive medical entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS and others. We have two course structures available - one for a one year course and the other for a two year course.
Here's glance at how the courses are planned and executed for maximum results:

For students of Grade XI
. Two year program :one of the most effective courses for NEET and AIIMS
. Also focuses on Board examination preparation
. This program prepares students for both the NEET and school curriculum
. Subjects focused on are Physics, Chemistry and Biology
. Extra care to ensure that the sudden transition from Grade X to XI goes smoothly
. Along with transition, focus on simultaneous NEET preparation
. Focus on motivating the students regularly, along with expert tips
Course structure and flow:
. Program divided into 5 modules
. Module designed like a school semester
. Contain collection of topics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
. 3 modules are conducted in the first year for students in Grade XI
. 2 modules in the second year for students in Grade XII
Course structure in the first year:
. The first module covers topics of PCB that are part of Grade XI Board syllabus
. Includes topics where in the Board and NEET level requirements are same
. Teaching commences from basic level
. Raised to Board level and further to NEET level
. Tests ensure students have assimilated topics taught in the first module
. The answer sheets evaluated and feedback given with suggestions
. The second and third module deal with advanced topics in Grade XI
. Focus on topics where NEET level is higher than the Board level
. Focus on tackling of complex problems
. NEET level concepts and applications dealt with after Board has been achieved
. Each topic covered simultaneously for Board level as well as NEET level
Course structure in the second year:
. In Grade XII each topic simultaneously covered for Board and NEET level
. Topics of Grade XII Board syllabus not included in NEET syllabus also covered
. Duration of Course: Two years
. Class frequency: Thrice or four times a week for three or four hours a day
. Total number of hours: 700
For Grade XII Students (Current /Passed):
. One year program one of the most effective courses for NEET
. Prepares students for the NEET and other medical entrance examinations
. Also focuses on the school curriculum with Physics, Chemistry and Biology
. Course begins with emphasis on basics and fundamentals of each topic
. Focus maintained on NEET perspective throughout
. Focus on motivating students regularly, along with expert academic inputs
Course Structure and Flow:
. One year program divided into 5 modules
. Modules designed like a school semester
. Contains Physics, Chemistry and Biology
. All the topics start with the basics and cover the entire NEET syllabus
. Duration of Course: One Year
. Classes frequency: Thrice or four times a week for three or four hours a day
. Total number of hours: 350
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