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Not only the Smart Class but Smart Learning too
Welcome to Knowledge Vista
Working in close cooperation with Schools Knowledge Vista offers a wide range of top quality online courses. Already in its seventh academic year, Knowledge Vista serves students and Schools in different countries around the world. Knowledge Vista’s online courses represent the very best in online pedagogy: courses are student- centric as well as teacher-led, designed to promote rich student-teacher and student-student interaction.
Online Live Interactive Classes are limited to a maximum of 30 students in a class, with class sections balanced to ensure a geographically diverse student body - leading to global working relationships which are anything but Real Time Two way Live . Each course is developed by a team of highly qualified and experienced Educators, selected in close consultation with the requirements of schools. Lesson plans ensure that students master the Programme curriculum while also developing 21st century learning skills which will prove beneficial throughout their academic and professional careers. In creating and delivering its online courses, Knowledge Vista works closely with the various Boards to ensure full compliance with the rigorous standards and quality assurance process which helps Knowledge Vista to maintain the highest quality student experience and academic achievement.
Courses Offered:
  • Two Year Live Interactive Courses for JEE
  • One Year Live Interactive Courses for JEE
  • Two Year Live Interactive Courses for NEET
  • One Year Live Interactive Courses for NEET
  • Online Tests for JEE, NEET
  • Online Tests for Grades 8,9,10
  • Study Material (Online or Print Version) for JEE, NEET
Offer your students A World Class Learning and increased scheduling flexibility
Knowledge Vista offers its courses through schools . As an educator, you know the tremendous scope of the Programme curriculum, but you also know that schools have limited resources. Now there is a way to offer your students a world class learning and increased scheduling flexibility - while simultaneously helping them to develop new study skills.
Knowledge Vista online courses:
  • are taught by experienced teachers specially trained in online pedagogy
  • ensure students develop 21st century learning and collaboration skills
  • take place in "global classrooms", with high levels of student-teacher and student-student interaction
  • limit the number of students from the same school in a single course section (most courses have multiple sections) to promote a richer international and intercultural experience.
Quality assurance is of the utmost importance to you, and to Knowledge Vista. To that end, quality is maintained through:
  • A trained Site-based Coordinator on the school campus, who will support students and monitor progress
  • Training and professional development for all online teachers
  • Strict adherence to subject guides
  • Ongoing monitoring of course delivery by Knowledge Vista
What is Knowledge Vista’s approach to assessment?
A strong commitment to quality assessment Knowledge Vista understands that the primary aim of assessment is to support and encourage student learning. At the same time, we recognize that assessment requires the highest level of discipline and integrity from all concerned.
Formative and Summative Assessments
We strive to make our formative and summative assessments fully consistent with "best practice", both in design and implementation. In designing these assessments, it is our aim to:
  • make the student a better judge of his/her own performance
  • help the student to develop his/her own strategies for improvements
  • provide teachers with information on the nature of each student´s strengths and limitations.
Wherever possible, we take advantage of the online environment to make assessments interesting as well as challenging. We are currently developing a series of case studies to demonstrate innovation in this area.
Internal Assessments
As in traditional face-to-face courses, our students' internal assessments follow strict guidelines and are graded by each student´s classroom teacher (in this case the online teacher), with work samples sent for formal moderation upon request.
External Assessments
Our online students sit their external assessments at their own School. They take exactly the same exam, at exactly the same time, in exactly the same way, as they would in a traditional face-to-face course.
Teacher collaboration
Teacher collaboration is essential to ensure consistent assessment standards where there are multiple sections of a course taught by different online teachers. Our teachers work together, in cross-marking assessments and in sharing ideas with their colleagues, in order to ensure that assessment standards are uniform and accurate.
Grading (formative and summative assessments)
Student performance in formative activities is rated as: Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs improvement or Ungradable. Student work is assessed according to specific descriptors regarding: Quality of Work; Discussion Participation; Application and Analysis of concepts and theories; Organisation and Presentation; Timeliness; Group Work.Summative assessments are scored according to subject-specific rubrics that relate directly to the assessment criteria found in the subject guides. All of these assessments are graded on the 10 to 1 scale.
Reporting is the face of assessment to the students, parents and school. Knowledge Vista reporting is designed to keep everyone well informed of student performance.
Fortnightly feedback is available to students (online) and SBCs (online and by email) every two weeks. This feedback includes ratings of students' general performance, as well as teacher comments when appropriate.
Term Reports (every 7 to 8 weeks) are available to students and SBCs online, and are also emailed to the SBC. Term Reports include:
  • An overview of performance ratings in formative assessments
  • All summative assessment grades for the term
  • A Term Grade using the 10 to 1 scale
  • Teacher Comments, including strengths and recommendations for improvement.
Semester Reports are available to students and SBCs online, and are also emailed to the SBC. Semester Reports include:
  • An overview of performance ratings in formative assessments
  • All summative assessment grades for the semester, grouped by term
  • The Term Grade assigned to the student in the previous term
  • A Semester Grade from the teacher using the 10 to 1 scale
  • Teacher Comments, including strengths and recommendations for improvement.
Annual Reports are available to students and SBCs online, and are also emailed to the SBC. Annual Reports include:
  • Semester Grade from the teacher for the second semester, using the 10 to 1 scale
  • A tentative Predicted Grade using the 10 to 1 scale
  • An annual commentary from the teacher.
Please note: The grade indicators are criteria-related, and it does not "translate" 10 to 1 grades into other grade indicators. If a school wishes to include an additional indicator for a subject in their school report or transcript (e.g. a percentage or letter grade), they may do so according to their own school-specific standards.